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Portugal / Posted: 1 day ago
The kitesurf lodge is hiring multiple kitesurf instructors for this season!  at Thekitesurflodge
Egypt / Posted: 2 days ago
Kitesurfing Instructors asap at  The Kite Buzz
Australia / Posted: 2 days ago
Italy / Posted: 3 days ago
Windsurf instructor at Blue Zone Sardinia
Greece / Posted: 3 days ago
Mark Warner Recruitment
Greece / Posted: 3 days ago
Mark Warner Windsurfing
Greece / Posted: 4 days ago
Hiring instructors in Naxos island at Flisvos Kitecentre Naxos
Spain / Posted: 4 days ago
French and English speaking IKO instructor at Zoo Park Famara
Switzerland / Posted: 5 days ago
Kiteinstruktor gesucht  at Kite Fun
Italy / Posted: 5 days ago
Windsurf instructors, assistants and interns wanted at VASCO RENNA WINDSURFING CENTER
Netherlands / Posted: 5 days ago
Windsurf Instructor at  Surf N Sail Makkum
United Kingdom / Posted: 5 days ago
Senior Dinghy Instructor at Dinton Activity Centre – Wokingham Borough Council

Does your centre need motivated kitesurfing instructors? Are you an experienced kiteboarder looking for a new job? This board lists employment opportunities in the kitesurfing industry, and allows talented kitesurfers to connect with the right employers worldwide.

Take the stress out of finding the next job.
Due to the seasonal nature of water sports, few instructors hold long-term contracts and looking for the next job is always looming on the horizon. However, with the right approach this does not have to be an overwhelming task. Below are 6 ways that will allow you to learn about new career opportunities and secure the next job offer without actively searching for it.

Tom, who has been teaching and coaching for over 10 years or 10,000 hours, has experimented with what worked best for his students. For everyone who wants to become an expert in coaching, instruction or teaching, this article summarises what Tom has learnt from being a sports coach, condensed into 25 points.

What is life like as a kitesurf instructor? Being a kitesurf instructor can be a great way to travel the world while earning money. If you select the schools you are working for right, you will get a chance to travel to some of the best kite spots in the world, work with awesome crews of people.

Before setting out to get certified as an instructor, you might want to know how much money you will make.

There are multiple factors that will affect your income. The biggest will be to find a school that has plenty of students, and is at a location with reliable weather and wind. Both of these are required to ensure that you can teach a reasonable number of hours every day. Some schools might offer a fixed salary, but if they don’t have sufficient bookings or the weather does not allow for lessons every day, the salary will reflect this.

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