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Italy / Posted : 28 min ago
Kiteinstructor at Kitesurf Adventure
Italy / Posted : 38 min ago
Kiteschool Lake Garda
Antigua / Posted : 42 min ago
Fully certified kitesurfing instructor  at Kitesurf Antigua
Italy / Posted : 52 min ago
Kitelehrer, Windsurflehrer, Shop-/Rezeption at Planet Allsports
Spain / Posted : 4 hours ago
kitesurf instructors wanted at PURA VIDA MALLORCA SURF
Sri Lanka / Posted : 6 hours ago
Digital nomads, social media and marketing volunteers at Watersport Consulting
United States of America / Posted : 7 hours ago
Ocean Air Sports shopfront
Germany / Posted : 22 hours ago
Suchen Kitelehrer, Praktikanten, Auszubildende (w/m) at KiteBoarding  Fehmarn
Ireland / Posted : 22 hours ago
Watersports and Adventure Sports Instructors at Nevsail Watersports
Kenya / Posted : 1 day ago
We seek kitesurfing instructors for the up-coming season at Quest Kiteboarding - Diani Beach
Italy / Posted : 1 day ago
Kitesurf Instructors at 414 Kiting
Italy / Posted : 1 day ago
Kitesurf and Windsurf Teachers and assistants wanted at 2Sides Watersports Center

Does your centre need motivated kitesurfing instructors? Are you an experienced kiteboarder looking for a new job? This board lists employment opportunities in the kitesurfing industry, and allows talented kitesurfers to connect with the right employers worldwide. Job listings are not only limited to openings for instructors, but we invite employers to post all jobs that will allow people to combine their passion for kitesurfing with making a living. These can range from technical development of the next generation of equipment, to brand management and marketing, to hospitality on site such as in a kitesurf centre and more.

Take the stress out of finding the next job. Due to the seasonal nature of water sports, few instructors hold long-term contracts and looking for the next job is always looming on the horizon. However, with the right approach this does not have to be an overwhelming task. Below are 6 ways that will allow you to learn about new career opportunities and secure the next job offer without actively searching for it. Before you start, review and polish your application materials. Make sure they are relevant to the job offers you want to attract and that your resume or CV are up to date. Get some expressive pictures shot of you and have work references ready.

Tom, who has been teaching and coaching for over 10 years or 10,000 hours, has experimented with what worked best for his students. His improved approach to teaching increased the chance that the students “got it” and became hooked, which of course is a win for everyone. Most of all the student, whose life has just become 100% more amazing, but also for all the schools, the dealers and the whole industry.

What is life like as a kitesurf instructor? Is it really a dream job, spending the whole day on the beach, working in exotic locations? While all that is true, it is also a job that needs to be taken very seriously. Safety will be your number one concern. You will be in charge of your students and responsible for their health and safety, and spend your day working with many different kinds of people. You need to be able to get along and communicate well with them, even with difficult and demanding customers. You will also have to communicate within your kitesurfing school, and coordinate with the other instructors and the management.

Before setting out to get certified as an instructor, you might want to know how much money you will make. There are multiple factors that will affect your income. The biggest will be to find a school that has plenty of students, and is at a location with reliable weather and wind. Both of these are required to ensure that you can teach a reasonable number of hours every day. Some schools might offer a fixed salary, but if they don’t have sufficient bookings or the weather does not allow for lessons every day, the salary will reflect this.

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